The Flyboard

What is it? Every now and then, someone invents something so engaging and persuasive, we can't help but want one. It doesn't matter if the design is frivolous or dangerous or even wasteful, we can't help but want one. When the kernel of the idea is powerful and its execution intuitive, we find our imaginations... Continue Reading →

Herman Miller vs. Matt Blatt

Who are they? Herman Miller is a high-end furniture company that owns the production licenses for timeless pieces including the Eames Lounge Chair (above), the Eiffel Chair and the Aeron Chair. Matt Blatt is a furniture company that specialises in replica designer furniture (it lists 437 individual replica items on its website) that are generally manufactured in... Continue Reading →

Safe enough or too safe?

What is it? An article published in the New York Times a few months ago, viewable here, asked the question: can a playground be too safe? Is it really necessary to prevent potential injuries on and around play equipment with rubber matting, lower monkey bars and slower slides? Or is the importance of learning our... Continue Reading →

The Ajiro

What is it? Entry into, and finalist of, the 2011 James Dyson Student Design Awards by Alexander Vittouris. First seen in a Habitus Living article, here. With extraordinary technical innovation, Vittouris did not build the Ajiro, a single-person velomobile, but grew it from a rapidly-growing strain of bamboo over a re-usable steel structure. This concept is derived from the... Continue Reading →

From my sketchbook: Solar-powered streetlights

20110405.1539 In response to the thoughtlessly manufactured solar-powered lights that take a standard light and bolt a north-facing, angled solar panel to the top. My design is holistically considered, with all elements contributing to a unified whole. It comprises three sections - column base, mid-section with streetlight and top-section with solar array. Junctions between sections... Continue Reading →

New Volkswagen Beetle

What is it? Volkswagen has recently released images of its new generation Beetle, to be released next year. Whilst the first generation, released in 1998, was a modernised but instantly recognisable interpretation of the original Bug, version 2 represents an evolutionary step away from the classic profile, with a flatter roof and steeper front windscreen... Continue Reading →

BPG-Motors’ Uno 3

What is it? An all-electric dicycle (a unicycle with two parallel wheels) that transforms into a tricycle, designed by young American inventor, Benjamin Gulak and his company, BPG-Motors. Based on his original Uno 1 prototype built for a year 12 science project in 2008, the Uno 3 has evolved to manage the transformation from nimble city... Continue Reading →

Qatar artificial clouds

What are they? A fleet of airborne drones designed by Dr. Saud Abdul Ghani and his team from the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering department at Qatar University to provide shade over soccer stadia during the 2022 World Cup, to be hosted by Qatar. Being designed in response to a requirement of the World Cup selection... Continue Reading →

Sublimely utilitarian: MacBook Pro

The objective: This is the third in a series of posts showcasing the sublimely utilitarian. To qualify, a product must understand and address its purpose perfectly, must comprise nothing that isn’t essential. But it must also go beyond the expected - it must suprise, pleasure and delight. It must respond to this great saying: “Only do something... Continue Reading →

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