Praise for Panfilo:

“I really enjoyed reading this! The first instinct for a lot of architects is to “do the right thing” and lower fees, but it inevitably leads to financial loss and more often than not, resentment. If the shoe were on the other foot, I doubt the construction industry would lower their fees. The value of design is so important, and your advice in this piece really emphasises that. Well done.”
Amy Edwards, marketing consultant, Brisbane

“Super article, enjoyed your take on this.”
Michael Lewarne, architect and business coach, Sydney

“Great article.”
Geoffrey Moyle, quantity surveyor, Melbourne

“Great article.”
Kate Kennedy, architect, Brisbane

“I’ve really been enjoying all your writing and speaking, and am grateful for all that you do in service of the business of architecture. Keep going, I’m cheering over here!”
Michael Lewarne, architect and business coach, Sydney

“Great research and summary of the issues. I commend your blog and thank you on behalf of the profession.”
Patrick Irwin, architect, Perth

“I’m impressed by Panfilo, particularly your posts on marketing.”
Jason Border, architect, Sydney

“Thank you for Panfilo. It’s been such a useful resource for me since uni days and has been a really great place for me to revisit during my registration prep this year. The posts are concise and the incorporation of real-life scenarios makes it even more engaging. I’ve been sharing it with my peers and they’ve also expressed the same sentiment 🙂 Just wanted to say thank you and please keep it going!”
Emily Tang, architect, Melbourne

“The actual cost of Revit, fascinating.”
Lynn Allen, technology evangelist, Portland

“Great article, Warwick, thanks for sharing!”
Paul Kegen, architect, Melbourne

“Brilliant piece Warwick, so well written.”
Jennekin Dicks, management consultant, Brisbane

“Great insight Warwick, thank you for sitting down and running the numbers.”
Mark Gregory, architect, Brisbane

Booze, so much booze. Did laugh!”
Sarah Lebner, architect, Canberra

“I’ve been meaning to say you deserve a medal for all of your posts.”
– Mark Bruce, architect

“Thanks for this, very informative, with a very nice dose of humour woven throughout!”
Delia Teschendorff, architect, Melbourne

“True to form superstar!”
Kate Fitzgerald, architect, Perth

“I’ve loved this series! Thanks!”
Sarah Lebner, architect, Canberra

“Thank you for the great resource your blog has been while I’ve established my new architectural business.”
Tim Smith, architect, regional Victoria

“I just wanted to say I had tears by the end of your film review. You are a brilliant architect, but also an incredible writer!”
Sonia Sarangi, architect, Melbourne

“You are mighty good with data.”
Jamie Sormann, architect, Melbourne

“I hope more architects that are great in design get involved in the effort of not letting the architecture profession’s value go down. Warwick is doing an amazing job in this field, very inspiring. I can see a good wave of fresh energy in ArchiTeam since he joined as director.”
Laura Litcanu, architect, Melbourne

“Excellent… Spot on Warwick!”
Geoffrey Moyle, quantity surveyor, regional Victoria

“Great advice, Warwick, this makes the documents so much easier and better for everyone to use.”
Geoffrey Moyle, quantity surveyor, regional Victoria

“That was so interesting to read, and very true to the core.”
– Siddhesh Warerkar, architectural graduate, Melbourne

“Beautifully written, Warwick. Thank you for sharing.”
Jennekin Dicks, business management consultant, Brisbane

“Excellent article, Warwick. Crossing everything that common sense prevails soon.”
Ruth White, Australian Institute of Architects, Victorian Chapter Manager

“Thank you for the article, Warwick. It is good to have definitive outline of the problem.”
Rosalyna Wee, architect, Melbourne

Advocacy is essential, thank you for sharing.”
Kylie Mills, architect, Sydney

“Fantastic article and important work. Very important to me as a director of a small architecture practice, thank you very much.”
Luisa Manfredini, architect, Sydney

“A quick note to say thank you for such an interesting and informative article. I’ve been reading this blog for a while and it’s one of the only ones I still subscribe to! You’re doing an amazing job!”
Simone Robeson, architect, Perth

“Great article about banks vs. architects.”
Ed Ewers, architect, Geelong

“Warwick, thank you for posting this article and being part of the team who took the banks issue to the Royal Commission.”
Melonie Bayl-Smith, architect and Adjunct Professor at University of Technology Sydney School of Architecture, Sydney

“Important work, Warwick. Hopefully this gets the traction to lead to meaningful change.”
Trevor Liddell, artist, Melbourne

“Excellent work, Warwick.”
Geoffrey Moyle, quantity surveyor, rural Victoria

“I’d like to correct the article on the Venice Biennale you posted. We are in weekly contact with the carers of the plants in the exhibition in the Australian Pavilion. The plants are not dying, in fact they have started re-sprouting this week. It is normal for a grassland to die back, brown off and then regrow, as these plants are almost a year old and coming through their full lifecycle now.”
Louise Wright, architect and creative director of the Australian Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Biennale, Venice

“I used to follow your blog when you were starting up, but time flies and it fell off my radar. A friend recently reminded me of it and I popped back over and was really blown away! I’m so impressed with the level of energy and rigour that you’ve maintained with it, and there are so many useful articles I want to read.”
Sarah Lebner, architect, Canberra

“What can’t be learned from Panfilo isn’t worth knowing about.”
Matt Green, architect, Melbourne

“Great article Warwick, tough yet diplomatic.”
Verity Campbell, marketing consultant, Melbourne

“I feel compelled to extend my personal thanks for your efforts and advocacy on behalf of the architectural industry. You have yet again represented the profession with passion, intelligence and dignity.”
– James Anwyl, architectural graduate, Melbourne

“I am genuinely moved and impressed by your words, and feel a real connection with your line of thought on everything you write. Thanks.”
Jason Gec, architect, Melbourne

“Thanks for yet another comprehensive post analysing your practice.”
David Kidston, architect, Newcastle

“Wonderful story about your creative process.”
– Winston Marsh, marketing guru, Melbourne

“Thanks Warwick, I love to read your words. I might even buy your book!”
– Mark Bruce

“I have really enjoyed reading your posts over the last year, thank you. Tackling your archive would be well worth it, but slightly intimidating. A book on the other hand, I could handle!”
– Luke Durack, architect, Sydney

“You keep writing, I’ll keep reading. Top job as always!”
Geoffrey Moyle, quantity surveyor, Melbourne

“Another great article Warwick, thank you.”
Luke Durack, architect, Sydney

“I know I can always come to your blog and get useful advice, thank you.”
– Luke Durack, architect, Sydney

“Thanks for another very informative post, I am very interested in those to come!”
Jason Davidson, landscape architect, Melbourne

“I’m very interested in reading this article as I imagine all young architects would be.”
Paul Cooksey, architect, Melbourne

“Great discussion of the issues.”
Gill Matthewson, academic and researcher for Parlour, Brisbane

“Warwick, you have hit the nail on the head here.”
David Kidston, architect, Newcastle

“When are you taking over architecture practice education? I learn more from this blog than I ever did at university.”
Keely Malady, architect and blogger, Melbourne

“Great work! I really want to see the rest of this series.”
David Sharp, architect, Perth

“Happy 5th birthday Panfilocastaldi! A passionate and authentic voice in a sea of advertorial puff pieces.”
Fooi-Ling Khoo, architect, Melbourne

“Five years of excellent writing on Panfilocastaldi. Well done on the milestone!”
– Michael Smith, architect and blogger, Melbourne

“Excellent detailed account of Liveable Yarra deliberative panel process.”
Roberto Colanzi, City of Yarra Mayor, Melbourne

“Read this student guide, wish someone had shown me it five years ago!”
– Tanya Banagala, architectural student, Melbourne

“A good lesson for students and practicing design professionals.”
Genus Landscape Architects, Melbourne

“A process I tried to follow as an undergraduate, and one I should get back to! Wise words”
– Estelle Rehayem, architectural student, Sydney

“A great lesson!”
Anthony Richardson, architectural student and blogger, Melbourne

“A good article with good ideas.”
Paul Cooksey, architect, Melbourne

“Loved your marketing article. I wish I could get everyone to analyse the results of their marketing activity like you have!”
– Winston Marsh, marketing guru, Melbourne

“A really interesting and analytical piece on marketing for architects.”
– Graham Bennett, architectural graduate, Melbourne

“Your disaster lessons from site series are worth their written weight in gold. You’re not only helping the profession but anyone interested in building.”
– Sonia Sarangi, architect, Melbourne

“These posts are fantastically useful. Thank you for your generosity and candour.”
Laura Harding, architect, Sydney

“A beautiful article… Thank you so much for writing about this.”
Sonia Sarangi, architect, Melbourne

“Thank you for this lesson, it resonates and reassures!”
– Bronwen Jones, architect, Canberra

“Thanks for the review. I think you’re right on target with ‘making money’, a larger and pressing problem for the architecture profession.”
– Dr. Naomi Stead, Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland, Brisbane

“Your article looks great, thanks for your support.”
– Justine Clark, architecture critic, Melbourne

“Another insightful and useful piece. Please keep thinking and writing as I enjoy your work immensely.”
– Bronwen Jones, architect, Canberra

“What a great article. You have a wonderful, easy writing style I enjoy.”
Winston Marsh, marketing guru, Melbourne

“Thanks for an excellent, straight from the shoulder, very readable report.”
– Winston Marsh, marketing guru, Melbourne

“Well said. I was there and you’ve totally nailed it.”
Steve Rose, architect, Melbourne

“Fantastic post, one of your best!”
– Michael Smith, architect and blogger, Melbourne

“An excellent insightful review.”
– Conference directors, Material 2013, Melbourne

“Small architecture practice and the cloud, a thoroughly enjoyable presentation.”
James Flaherty, graduate architect, Melbourne

“Great cloud advice for small practice!”
Charity Edwards, architect and teacher, Melbourne

“Very entertaining, while also very good advice.”
Jason Davidson, landscape architect, Melbourne

“Setting up a cloud backup has never been so easy (or fun)!”
Graham Bennett, architectural graduate, Melbourne

“I thought your review of the Melbourne panel was excellent!”
Tania Davidge, architect, writer and advocate, Melbourne

“Fantastically written review, thanks! Definitely provided some food for thought for the community.”
Graduate school of the faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, Melbourne

“Your article, as usual, is a great read.”
– Michael Smith, architect and blogger, Melbourne

“Nice discussion / reaction to criticism panel in Melbourne.”
Alexandra Lange, architectural critic, New York

“Great article.”
– Alison Cleary, Victoria Chapter Manager of the Australian Institute of Architects

“Well said on the invisible architects epidemic. Sentiments I’ve never managed to put into words, glad someone can / did.”
– Erika Bartak, ESD consultant, Melbourne

“Great post with some excellent points!”
Michael Smith, architect and blogger, Melbourne

“Nice article!”
John O’Callaghan, architect, Sydney

“Really enjoyed your post on Tom Kundig. We are in the process of collaborating with him on a private residence and studio for our family. It was a real pleasure to read such an insightful and well-written piece on his work.”
Lou Maxon, client of Tom Kundig, Seattle

“Really enjoyed reading your reviews of both the [Robin Boyd Foundation] open day and John [Denton] and Garry [Emery’s] design discussion.”
– Tony Lee, Executive Director of the Robin Boyd Foundation, Melbourne

“I love this post. It is a brilliant demonstration (amongst other things) of the way that wider perceptions are created or steered by the representations we encounter through education and everyday life. Thanks for reminding.”
Richard Gwyn, author, Cardiff

“It is perfectly reasonable to refer to The East St Kilda House as a type of Brutalism.”
Callum Morton, artist, Melbourne

“I appreciate the spirited discussion. To the question of knock-offs existing legitimately as an option for the price sensitive, using the analogy of a fast food meal compared to a fine dining experience, or a classic sports car compared to a modest compact, here is the key difference: the buyer is not being duped into believing they are purchasing the higher quality alternative.”
– Mark Schuman, Herman Miller, Zeeland

“We love your entry. Great job and good luck!”
Zombie Safehouse Competition, architecture competition organisers, Busselton

“I liked the sketch – very evocative.”
MMADfan, blogger, New York

“Great post, I really do love The Sandpit!”
The Artist Makena, artist and blogger, Rapid City

“Excellent wrap up. I agree with your view that it’s a fine balance however these guys provide an impression of the scales tipped heavily on the dream. This is obviously the skill they possess and the reason they are on tour.”
Steve Rose, architect, Melbourne


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