Sublimely utilitarian: MacBook Pro

The objective:

This is the third in a series of posts showcasing the sublimely utilitarian. To qualify, a product must understand and address its purpose perfectly, must comprise nothing that isn’t essential. But it must also go beyond the expected – it must suprise, pleasure and delight. It must respond to this great saying: “Only do something if it is necessary, but if it is necessary, do it beautifully.”

The product:

The 13 inch Apple MacBook Pro.

Its qualifications:

  1. It is small and light enough to be carried comfortably in an average satchel without ruining a shoulder.
  2. Its battery life is long.
  3. Its multi-touch pad is easy to use and renders all other touch pads obsolete.
  4. Its magnetic power cord attachment is a smart solution to the dangers of tripping over the cord and destroying the connection.
  5. Its operating system works quickly and smoothly.
  6. It rarely stalls and never gets infected with viruses, worms or trojans. Should a programme happen to grind to a halt, aborting is easy and takes only a few seconds.
  7. It is beautiful.

Our verdict:

Ever since Apple released the iMac G3 in 1998, it has been committed to, and undoubtedly the world-leader in, design-driven digital technology. Nominating it in our Sublimely Utilitarian series is both inevitable and natural – selecting the MacBook Pro from all of Apple’s stunning products was a matter of circumstance rather than superiority – we just happen to be writing this article on one right now.

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