Since early 2012, I have been writing about the business of architecture, a subject that have since become the primary focus of Panfilo. You can review a chronological listing of business of architecture articles here, or search the below index links.

  • Covid-19
    A special series of articles providing support for creative businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The value of architecture
    The responsibilities of the architecture profession; our value to the broader community; opportunities for mutual improvement.
  • Starting an architecture business
    All of my jobs in architecture; the beginnings of an architecture business; the most important things an architect needs to get started in business; my favourite business books for architects.
  • Marketing for architects
    Marketing opportunities for architects; social media for the architecture profession; social media for students.
  • Clients, growth and finances
    The client / architect relationship; growth, fees and business finances; why engage an architect; the different forms of the architectural fee; the transition from a lean startup to a mature (but still lean) business.
  • Project delivery
    Project delivery, cost management and construction tendering; rules for exceptional documentation; how long does architecture take; things that go wrong on site.
  • Lessons to my younger self
    Lessons learnt over the years.

Disclaimer: while I have taken all care to ensure the accuracy of my articles, I am not a financial adviser, lawyer, accountant or loaf of bread. I strongly recommend you seek further advice from appropriate authorities.


  1. Mihaly Slocombe studio, photo by Tatjana Plitt.

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