From my sketchbook: Solar-powered streetlights


In response to the thoughtlessly manufactured solar-powered lights that take a standard light and bolt a north-facing, angled solar panel to the top. My design is holistically considered, with all elements contributing to a unified whole. It comprises three sections – column base, mid-section with streetlight and top-section with solar array. Junctions between sections are articulated so as to permit independent rotation of each: the light will always be directed towards the street, the solar array always towards the sun. Construction utilises a light but immensely strong carbon-fibre skeleton wrapped in a tough segmented polymer outer skin. The skeletons of the mid and top sections employ a series of knuckle-like joints that permit further mobility of light and array. Both light and array use long-lasting materials and technologies – LED diodes for the former; copper-connected silicon modules for the latter.

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