E10 petrol

What is it? An automotive petrol mix that includes 10% ethanol and offers the benefits of reduced fossil fuel consumption, lower greenhouse gas emissions, an improved octane rating, cleaner engine operation and better mileage. It also usually carries the bonus of a slightly cheaper pricetag over standard petrol, in the realm of 2 - 4c... Continue Reading →

The rise of Google

What do we mean? Google announced this week the release of its Chrome operating system, paired with two new Chromebooks from Samsung and Acer. A "completely new model of computing", Chrome OS is a cleverly extrapolated version of the existing Google Docs idea, with users accessing all basic computing applications online, together with their stored... Continue Reading →

New Volkswagen Beetle

What is it? Volkswagen has recently released images of its new generation Beetle, to be released next year. Whilst the first generation, released in 1998, was a modernised but instantly recognisable interpretation of the original Bug, version 2 represents an evolutionary step away from the classic profile, with a flatter roof and steeper front windscreen... Continue Reading →

BPG-Motors’ Uno 3

What is it? An all-electric dicycle (a unicycle with two parallel wheels) that transforms into a tricycle, designed by young American inventor, Benjamin Gulak and his company, BPG-Motors. Based on his original Uno 1 prototype built for a year 12 science project in 2008, the Uno 3 has evolved to manage the transformation from nimble city... Continue Reading →

La Sagrada Familia

What is it? Extraordinary cathedral in the centre of Barcelona by Spanish architect, Antonio Gaudí (1852 - 1926), who dedicated the last years of his life to its design and construction. Work on the project continued after his death, but was halted during the Spanish Civil War and for many years after. It resumed again... Continue Reading →

Transport security or scarcity?

What is it? The Victorian State Government has recently confirmed it will make good on its pre-election promise of introducing 940 security guards to metropolitan railway stations around Melbourne over the next three years. The guards will be trained in a similar (through controversially less intensive) way to police, given the power to search and... Continue Reading →

Richard Branson: lunatic or genius?

Who is he? 212th richest person in the world and founder of the Virgin Group that combines a dazzling and unlikely array of over 400 individual companies including radio stations, financial services consultancies, airlines, wine stores, telecommunications providers, animation studios and a spaceport. His most recent presence in the international media has come thanks to... Continue Reading →

Gaming censorship

What is it? Gaming censorship in Australia currently offers no equivalent of the R18+ rating that exists for film and television, meaning that computer games containing high levels of violence like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Left 4 Dead II and Grand Theft Auto IV have been awarded an MA15+ rating and others, like... Continue Reading →

Qatar artificial clouds

What are they? A fleet of airborne drones designed by Dr. Saud Abdul Ghani and his team from the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering department at Qatar University to provide shade over soccer stadia during the 2022 World Cup, to be hosted by Qatar. Being designed in response to a requirement of the World Cup selection... Continue Reading →

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