Happy 4th birthday

happy birthday

Today, Panfilocastaldi turns 4. We have survived another full year of blogging. The focus we developed last year on architecture and architecture practice has continued to deepen, with these subjects representing the lion’s share of this year’s articles.

We are now publishing on average one post every week and a half, and have had articles co-published in Parlour and ArchitectureAU. Our favourites of the past 12 months:

  • Why working for free is not okay. What are the costs of unpaid staff? An in-depth study into the complicated issue of unpaid internships. Co-published with Parlour.
  • Richard Leplastrier. A tribute to the great Australian architect.
  • The ideal client. What ingredients make a great client? Analysis of the ideal client, and exploration of how we might go about getting more of them.
  • You can’t sell an idea. Thomas Edison once said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. An article that explores the recipe to success in the architecture profession.
  • Interviews with WHBC Architects (Malaysia) and Jo Noero (South Africa), speakers from the Australian Institute of Architects 2014 architecture conference. Commissioned by ArchitectureAU.
  • Our work is all about you. The first of 10 reasons to engage an architect.

Once again, we’ve synthesised this year’s key statistics into a series of infographics:





And some highlights in plain English:

  • 38 new posts, with a maximum of 8 in April and June of this year.
  • 19 post categories, the same number as last year. 12 categories received no new articles, continuing evidence of our shift in writing focus. Our most prolific category, Architecture practice, received 30.
  • 118 new tags, bringing the total to 1,240 and ranging from The Fountainhead (1 post) to Australian Institute of Architects (28 posts).
  • 116 new comments, bringing the total to 447.
  • 9,228 new spam comments, bringing the total to 25,296.
  • 37,521 new page views, bringing the total to 140,919.
  • An average of 103 page views per day. Our busiest month this year was April with 3,868 page views or an average of 129 per day.
  • Visitors from 153 different countries, ranging from Yemen (1 page view) to Australia (13,503 page views).
  • 20,856 referrals from search engines, comprising thousands of unique terms. Some great practice-related long tail search terms this year included what to ask for when visiting a builder for tender and should australian architects charge for doing a fee proposal.
  • 3,705 referrals from 144 other websites, with a maximum of 512 from Facebook, pipping Twitter by 7 referrals as our primary social media platform.
  • 135 blog followers, increasing our count by 52 over this time last year, with a further 23 comment followers and 542 Twitter followers.

Thank you for your support this year. Who knows what 2015 will bring for us, or how Panfilocastaldi will evolve? For now, it continues to be a labour of love, self-sustaining because it is enjoyable for its own sake. If you promise to keep reading and commenting, we’ll promise to keep posting and replying.

Yours sincerely,
Warwick Mihaly, Erica Slocombe and Dew Stewart.

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