Happy 6th birthday

Today Panfilocastaldi turns 6, meaning I have survived another full year of blogging. As I have on each prior anniversary, I'm going to take this opportunity to reflect on the scope and focus of my writing. Why do I write? What do I write? Who is it for? As I review the content I've published this... Continue Reading →

Happy 5th birthday

Today, Panfilocastaldi turns 5. I have survived another full year of blogging. Over the years, my focus has gradually shifted and sharpened, away from art, photography and the environment, and towards the culture, practice and business of architecture. I'm proud of the content I produce, and the way it has struck a chord amongst the Australian architecture profession. This... Continue Reading →

Happy 4th birthday

Today, Panfilocastaldi turns 4. We have survived another full year of blogging. The focus we developed last year on architecture and architecture practice has continued to deepen, with these subjects representing the lion's share of this year's articles. We are now publishing on average one post every week and a half, and have had articles co-published in Parlour... Continue Reading →

Happy 3rd birthday

Today, Panfilocastaldi turns 3. We have survived another full year of blogging. We have narrowed our focus somewhat, engaging more deeply with events in Melbourne. We are writing less about art and photography, and more about architecture and architectural practice. Our posts have become less frequent, but also longer and, we hope, more insightful. We... Continue Reading →

Happy 2nd birthday

Today, Panfilocastaldi turns 2. We have survived another full year of blogging, despite some significant personal upheavals. As new parents, getting out into the worlds of architecture and art is proving more difficult but not, with determined effort, impossible. Looking back, many of the posts remind us of enriching experiences and conversations. It is always... Continue Reading →

Happy 1st birthday

Today, Panfilocastaldi turns 1. We have survived a full year of blogging. We continue to adhere to our manifesto of thrusting ourselves out into the worlds of architecture, art and photography, and we continue to critically discuss our experiences. We remain dedicated to the value of engaging with creative communities. Thanks in part to this... Continue Reading →

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