2,500 residents

What is it?

The population of Alexandra, a small town in central Victoria, and the new home of friends of ours recently returned from 7 years living in Hong Kong. It is also the population of their apartment tower in Hong Kong, where as many as three generations of a family were housed in each tiny apartment.

What do we think?

Such a contrast struck a chord in our imagination. To solve the suburban sprawl plaguing Melbourne, we propose the relocation of entire peripheral townships into single apartment towers. More than intensified blocs of private residences, the towers would be self-contained village communities compressed horizontally and stretched vertically.

Main streets would become transparent glass elevators.

Side streets would become corridors on each floor level.

Houses would become apartments.

Back gardens would become communal recreation spaces littered across floor levels.

Electricity, water, gas and sewerage infrastructure would be condensed into vertical services stacks.

Views across the countryside would become views across the city.

Shops and community services would cluster around elevator openings.

Freeways connecting townships would become aerial bridges connecting towers.

Cinemas in the middle of the towers would show films 24 / 7.

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