From my sketchbook: Litchfield National Park

20090804.1313 20090805.1005 Water pools in water holes above Tolmer Falls, flows down waterfalls along Walker Creek, splashes into the pool at the base of Florence Falls. It is always agitated, bubbling and swirling and rushing. impossible to capture in still ink. I try anyway. Drawing the water is a study in contrasts - hot and cool,... Continue Reading →

From my sketchbook: Rivendell

20050218.1327 Concept sketches for an unrealised early project. Rivendell was the whimsical name of the sprawling rural site in Mount Martha, for which we proposed a house partially embedded into hillside. Our design was composed of an off-form concrete, partially subterranean volume linking to a series of above ground, timber towers. The project was to... Continue Reading →

From my sketchbook: Ski lodge

20120130.1952 From sketches originally drawn in 2000 / 2001, re-discovered recently while cleaning up the studio and rifling through old sketchbooks. The ski lodge grows out of the mountain, an upwardly thrusting rock. It is resolved as two separate volumes, with different functions, orientations and materials. One volume comprises services; the other comprises living spaces.... Continue Reading →

From my sketchbook: Piemonte

2010621.1742 Patchwork Piemonte, northern Italy. On the outskirts of a small village called Mombaruzzo, the land is naturally undulating and heavily cultivated. Even the hills of Tuscany cannot compete with the particular-ness of this vista.

From my sketchbook: Damascus

20100422.1235 Just outside the entry to the Umayyad Mosque in old town Damascus. As the bells for noon prayer sound out across the city, the streets quickly empty, leaving a convoluted tapestry of urban fabric. Power lines, phone lines and washing lines are strung out across the street; courageous vines crawl up the cracks between... Continue Reading →

From my sketchbook: Solar-powered streetlights

20110405.1539 In response to the thoughtlessly manufactured solar-powered lights that take a standard light and bolt a north-facing, angled solar panel to the top. My design is holistically considered, with all elements contributing to a unified whole. It comprises three sections - column base, mid-section with streetlight and top-section with solar array. Junctions between sections... Continue Reading →

From my sketchbook: Roller derby corridor house

20110322.0950 A dream I had on the 21st of March and sketched into my workbook the morning after: I am visiting the apartment of some friends of mine, situated on the third floor of an old walk-up building, racks of clothes, footballs and other miscellaneous paraphernalia cluttering the communal halls. As I arrive at their... Continue Reading →

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