The challenges of geography

There are many residential architecture studios in Melbourne whose portfolios are concentrated within specific geographical regions: the south-eastern suburbs, the inner-north, bayside, the Mornington Peninsula, Ballarat. I live in Carlton North and seem to see Robert Simeoni signs on front fences everywhere. Zen Architects does a lot of work in and around Northcote. Jolson Architects has nailed the Toorak market. I don't... Continue Reading →

Architecture is slow

The 24th instalment in a series of lessons learned over the years. What do I know now that I didn’t then? What wisdom would I impart to my younger self, given the opportunity? This lesson also formed part of a lecture given for the May Process forum, The Jump, exploring the challenges faced when setting up a practice. Process... Continue Reading →

Leap of faith

What's on Your Desk? - November Process We attended Process at Loop earlier this month, a session of the Australian Institute of Architects' long running young architects' talks entitled, What's on Your Desk? Presenting current projects and a few miscellaneous ideas were our friend and colleague, Steve Rose, together with Jack May and Andy Yu. Killing... Continue Reading →

Reinventing the wheel

On more than one occasion, we have overheard builders grumble about architects' inexplicable need to constantly reinvent the wheel. These builders are invariably referring to the sophistication of our construction details and how difficult they are to execute. Why do we constantly reinvent the wheel? The answer, after years of occasional reflection and contemplation, is... Continue Reading →

Twirl photography

Original photo: Hill House by Mihaly Slocombe Original photo: Basser House by Mihaly Slocombe What is it? An interesting photography manipulation technique for Photoshop learned via The Artist Makena and Digital Darkroom Techniques: Start with any photo Filter > Pixelate > Mezzotint > Medium lines Filter > Blur > Radial blur (slider = 100, blur method = zoom,... Continue Reading →

Side projects and hobbies are important

This post is part 5 of an adaptation of How to Steal Like an Artist (and 9 Other Things Nobody Told Me), this engaging and instructive essay by Austin Kleon, a Texan artist and writer. Kleon states that "when people give you advice, they’re really just talking to themselves in the past." What follows here is me talking to a... Continue Reading →

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