Profit or profiteering

Time to read: 7 minutes Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you might have heard that it’s expensive to build right now. Then again, that rock of yours is an increasingly valuable construction resource so someone has probably already offered you good money for it. I guess either way you know what I’m... Continue Reading →

The Co Architect

Time to read: 8 minutes At the heart of your architecture studio are the relationships you enjoy with your clients. They are the driving force behind every project. They are the people who set your scopes and budgets. They are your risk-takers, design ambassadors and tastemakers. They are inextricably tied to your successes and failures.... Continue Reading →

In Detail – Season 01

Over at In Detail, the show that takes you behind the scenes of creative business, the first season has dropped! To kick off my new adventure with Kate Fitzgerald and Mick Moloney, this season begins with an exploration of fees: how much to charge, how to charge and when to charge. We dive into the... Continue Reading →

In Detail

I've been a bit quiet on Panfilo for the last month or two because I've been busy working on something new, something very very exciting. Together with my good mates Kate FitzGerald and Mick Moloney, I've been laying down tape for our shiny new podcast, In Detail. We've recorded most of the first season already... Continue Reading →

Working pro-bono

Earlier this year, before the coronavirus, there was another crisis that drew the attention of the world. During the Australian Black Summer, our worst ever bushfire season on record, 12 million hectares of land were burned, 1 billion animals were killed and 434 million tonnes of carbon dioxide were released into the atmosphere.[1] Though the last... Continue Reading →

The cost of Revit

Last month, a group of predominantly British architecture studios penned an open letter to Autodesk criticising its poor performance over recent years. The group, including Zaha Hadid Architects, Grimshaw, Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners and other prominent studios, condemned the increasing cost of ownership of Revit, its constantly changing licensing arrangements, and failure to keep pace with product... Continue Reading →

Jobkeeper 2.0

"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more" - William Shakespeare, Henry V Here we are again, accounting software and spreadsheets running hot as we all work out our eligibility for Jobkeeper 2.0. The federal government announced recently it will be extended until the end of March next year, though with stricter eligibility criteria... Continue Reading →

Don’t panic

As regular Panfilo readers will know, Mihaly Slocombe is the small architecture business I run with my wife. Erica and I also share the parenting of our two young children, who are in grade two and kinder this year. At the best of times this is a daily juggling act of epic proportions. Every day... Continue Reading →

Update on Covid-19 support

A month and a lifetime have passed since my first article examining the various Covid-19 support packages on offer for architects. It feels like the world is a much calmer place now than the chaos, empty supermarkets and general panic of March. So it's time for an update on the support packages, and a summary... Continue Reading →

Downtime activities

A few weeks ago, ArchiTeam initiated a weekly series of virtual gatherings via Zoom. The aim of these is to provide a safe space in which to discuss the Covid-19 induced challenges we're all facing, and stay connected during the coming months of isolation. You can find out more information on the series, including details of... Continue Reading →

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