Architecture is slow

The 24th instalment in a series of lessons learned over the years. What do I know now that I didn’t then? What wisdom would I impart to my younger self, given the opportunity? This lesson also formed part of a lecture given for the May Process forum, The Jump, exploring the challenges faced when setting up a practice. Process... Continue Reading →

Leap of faith

What's on Your Desk? - November Process We attended Process at Loop earlier this month, a session of the Australian Institute of Architects' long running young architects' talks entitled, What's on Your Desk? Presenting current projects and a few miscellaneous ideas were our friend and colleague, Steve Rose, together with Jack May and Andy Yu. Killing... Continue Reading →

A building has six elevations

The process of writing How to steal like an architect last year, a series of 10 articles based on Austin Kleon's How to steal like an artist, made me consider other lessons learned over the years. What further lessons would I teach my younger self, given the opportunity? 17. A building has six elevations There... Continue Reading →

Twirl photography

Original photo: Hill House by Mihaly Slocombe Original photo: Basser House by Mihaly Slocombe What is it? An interesting photography manipulation technique for Photoshop learned via The Artist Makena and Digital Darkroom Techniques: Start with any photo Filter > Pixelate > Mezzotint > Medium lines Filter > Blur > Radial blur (slider = 100, blur method = zoom,... Continue Reading →

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