Trevor Liddell at Duchess of Spotswood

trevor liddell

Who is he?

A talented painter and drawer, about whom we have posted previously, Liddell has recently opened his first solo show at the Duchess of Spotswood. The show comprises a series of seven pencil sketches with a focus on Scandinavian landscapes and fragmented representations of the architecture of Richard Neutra.

The pieces explore the interpretive qualities of drawing, carrying built elements into abstract formations that extrapolate the geometries of Neutra’s architecture. Furthering his engagement with the traditions of architectural representation, all seven works float serenely in large expanses of white space, overcoming contrasting subjects to unify the series and highlight Liddell’s selective depictions of building and landscape.

What do we think?

Theory, technique and discussion aside, it is a pleasure to see such fine works of art crafted in pencil. In many ways, it is an under-appreciated medium that typically plays second fiddle to oil and acrylic. Unlike the layered construction of a painting, works in pencil are flat, demanding foresight and precision. This control combines with a charming fragility that in Liddell’s hands suggests both careful thought and freedom of expression.

Four of the pieces have already been sold, a triumph for a young artist exhibiting in an open space and, we hope, signs of significant future success.

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