Mihaly Slocombe: Safehouse for the zombie apocalypse

SafetyNet City, 2011

Our entry for the second annual Zombie Safehouse Competition considers the necessities of life for a small community beyond the initial zombie outbreak. Where would we live? How would we protect ourselves? With what would we feed and hydrate ourselves? Most importantly: how would we survive?

Explained via a short graphic novel, SafetyNet City offers not only sanctuary, but a place of beauty, a revitalised landscape to substitute the decimated, zombie-infested old. Growing organically from the still-useful infrastructure of dead cities, it begins afresh, a new life in the safety of the sky.

Until entries are uploaded onto the competition website, view our entry at the Mihaly Slocombe website, here.

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  1. BTW we are currently working on getting the entries online for this competition and we love your entry. Great job and good luck! (Zombie Safe House Competition)

  2. un-frickin believable work W!! the story, the ideas, the detail.. seriously, it’s outstanding.


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