My city

All I want for Christmas is for my city to have…

  • A high-density, diverse and vital city centre.
  • Medium-density suburb hubs containing key residential services such as doctors, newsagents, post offices, supermarkets and pharmacies.
  • Variety in property sizing and street layout providing diversity in occupational possibilities.
  • A comprehensive public transport system that is less than a 5 minute walk from everywhere and, with less than a 3 minute wait, will take me anywhere.
  • Streets dedicated to foot and bicycle traffic with underground, high-speed private transport arterials that bypass the city.
  • Underground parking, leaving streets free of cars.
  • Even, non-slip and pothole-free street surfaces.
  • Lots of green at every scale, including large parks, smaller reserves, street trees and grass between tram tracks.
  • A stormwater system that keeps the streets dry.
  • Regularly located, legible street signage.
  • Photovoltaic panels on, and water collection from, every roof.
  • High-speed wireless internet everywhere.
  • Well-serviced waste and recycling bins along all major streets.
  • Facilities to support significant cultural and sporting events.

And, contrary to the current political position…

  • No suburban sprawl.

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  1. …and inhabitants that don’t see these things as an inconvenience, or a far off pipe dream, but rather as just the starting point for a great city for the future as well as the present.

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