Composite photography

What is it?

First introduced to us via a Coolboom newsletter, they are collages assembled from found photographs by American artist, Jim Kazanjian, creating mesmerising black and white worlds from pieces of the everyday.

What do we think?

Kazanjian favours deserts, cemetaries, marshland and earthquake-damaged freeways as the settings for his work. Combined with crumbling houses, abandoned shrines and ramshackle cities, his imagery evokes eerie sentiments of placelessness and decay. Yet the compositions are so powefully bizarre that it is impossible to miss the beauty of a shack rising from a rubbish heap or an Adams Family-type mansion falling into a gaping hole in the ground.

Through his skill in front of a computer screen, Kazanjian is able to submerge his interventions beneath entirely convincing compositions. No matter how hard we look, the seams between his objects remain hidden and we are left simply to ponder: what is this place and how has it come to be?

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