Learning is a two way street

This is the 12th of twenty-one lessons for design students, gathered from the combined experience of being a student, and teaching students. I will published one lesson each weekday until they're done. 12. Learning is a two way street Masters level design studios involve two 3 hour sessions of contact time per week. Across the 12 weeks of... Continue Reading →

It’s okay not to know the punchline

The process of writing How to steal like an architect last year, a series of 10 articles based on Austin Kleon's How to steal like an artist, made me consider other lessons learned over the years. What further lessons would I teach my younger self, given the opportunity? 14. It's okay not to know the punchline Teaching a... Continue Reading →

Ubi Consistam and the Venice Biennale

Variations of the Interstitial by Robert Ventresca What is it? Last year, we ran a Design Thesis studio for final year students in the Masters of Architecture degree at the University of Melbourne. The studio was entitled Ubi Consistam and the Venice Biennale. A synopsis of the studio is as follows: Ubi consistam comes from the... Continue Reading →

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