We design for environmental sustainability

When we are first approached by prospective clients, we have found that few fully understand what an architect does. Many interview draftspeople and volume builders also, and find it difficult to distinguish between the various levels of expertise and design engagement on offer. Invariably, a large part of our first discussion is devoted to explaining how... Continue Reading →

Regulating sustainability

What is it? A proposal is currently before the Victorian State government that recommends abandoning mandatory 6-star thermal efficiency requirements for housing as part of a broader agenda to cut government red tape. Documents obtained by The Age newspaper reveal state Treasurer Kim Wells has suggested that "consideration could be given to a voluntary thermal... Continue Reading →

When green was just a colour

What is it? Susan Warren Utley, on her Creative Procrastination blog, wrote this interesting and insightful post on the transformation of environmental sustainability in the daily lives of average people. Once upon a time, green was not a socio-political movement, it was just a colour. Living sustainably was not a much-publicised marketing campaign, it was... Continue Reading →

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