Design does not happen in a bubble

This is the 10th of twenty-one lessons for design students, gathered from the combined experience of being a student, and teaching students. I will published one lesson each weekday until they're done. 10. Design does not happen in a bubble As you design, it's tempting to wrap yourself in a protective bubble, to block off all the information... Continue Reading →

Research and development

When we are first approached by prospective clients, we have found that few fully understand what an architect does. Many interview draftspeople and volume builders also, and find it difficult to distinguish between the various levels of expertise and design engagement on offer. Invariably, a large part of our first discussion is devoted to explaining how... Continue Reading →

Material 2013: An overview

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre What was it? The Australian Institute of Architects' national architecture conference, held two weekends ago at NH Architecture's polished Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Creatively directed by Sandra Kaji-O'Grady and John de Manincor, it explored the subject of material, asking questions like: is fog an architectural material? What would a... Continue Reading →

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