The ideal client

The relationship we enjoy with our clients is a unique one. We work very closely together with them, often over a number of years. A good client can make even the most difficult project a pleasure, while a bad client can make the easiest a misery. Whether a client will be the former or the latter can... Continue Reading →


This is the 2nd instalment in a series of 10 articles where we attempt to categorise chronologically and thematically the list of things you will need to start your architecture practice, and furnish it with the glimpses of insight we've accrued during the first three years of our architecture practice, Mihaly Slocombe. 2. Clients When:... Continue Reading →


Making the leap from employee to self-employed or even employer is a challenge in any industry. Architecture is no exception. It requires a long shopping list of items ranging from the utilitarian to the esoteric: most are necessary and many others are at the least very important. This is the 1st instalment in a series of 10... Continue Reading →

Follow your gut

The 22nd instalment in a series of lessons learned over the years. What do I know now that I didn’t then? What wisdom would I impart to my younger self, given the opportunity? 22. Follow your gut Artwork courtesy of Eak Design In the most basic terms, every decision you make in your professional life... Continue Reading →

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