Pretoria travelling studio

Paul Kruger Street, the major arterial route of the Pretoria central business district Hello, my name is Jake Taylor. I am in my final year of the Master of Architecture course at the University of Melbourne and was given the opportunity this summer to attend a travelling studio to Pretoria, South Africa. The subject was coordinated... Continue Reading →

More than one way to skin a building

What was it? The first in the new Agenda series of lectures and discussions courtesy of the University of Melbourne's faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning. Keynote speaker at the first event held last Thursday was Alexandra Lange, freelance architectural critic and blogger for Design Observer, Architectural Record and The New York Times among others. Joining... Continue Reading →

To build is good

What is it? An approach to architecture practice offered by Brian Donovan, principal architect of the former Donovan Hill. Donovan presented his work last week in the first instalment of a new lecture series, Zeitgeist. The series is a collaborative effort between the Centre for Cultural Materials Preservation and Robin Boyd Foundation, and will be... Continue Reading →

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