Dear Sir or Madam

Not a great application letter It is a sign of the ongoing scarcity faced by the construction industry that architecture graduates are anecdotally having a lot of trouble finding work. The federal government's stimulus package has long since dried up and the big end of town is once again executing layoffs left and right. Though... Continue Reading →

Django Unchained

What is it? The most recent film by cult director, Quentin Tarantino. Set in southern American slave country in the late 1850s, Django Unchained is one in a long line of loose reinterpretations of 1966 Italian western, Django. The film's title character, played enigmatically by Jamie Foxx, is a black slave who is freed by... Continue Reading →

The perils of tendering

What is it? A tender is "an offer to perform work at a given price, usually made in writing." In Australia, seeking competitive tenders from a group of builders is the most common means for procuring an architect-designed, residential building contract. The tendering process typically involves the submission of a project's architectural and engineering documentation... Continue Reading →

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