What are they? Sculptures, art installations, kinetic experiments, inorganic life forms. Dutch artist, Theo Jansen, designs the Strandbeesten (or Beach Beasts in English) to mimic the natural biological processes underpinning digestion and mobility, with oscillating sails to feed on wind energy, bladders to digest compressed air, and muscles to operate spidery legs. Built from PVC tubing,... Continue Reading →

The Small Homes Service

Walsh Street House by Robin Boyd, 1958 What is it? Originally introduced in 1947 by architect Robin Boyd, the Small Homes Service was a method by which good architecture was made accessible to that section of the general public interested in design but otherwise unable to afford it. According to Boyd, at its peak this... Continue Reading →

2,500 residents

What is it? The population of Alexandra, a small town in central Victoria, and the new home of friends of ours recently returned from 7 years living in Hong Kong. It is also the population of their apartment tower in Hong Kong, where as many as three generations of a family were housed in each... Continue Reading →

Twirl photography

Original photo: Hill House by Mihaly Slocombe Original photo: Basser House by Mihaly Slocombe What is it? An interesting photography manipulation technique for Photoshop learned via The Artist Makena and Digital Darkroom Techniques: Start with any photo Filter > Pixelate > Mezzotint > Medium lines Filter > Blur > Radial blur (slider = 100, blur method = zoom,... Continue Reading →

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