Our Liveable City

What is it? A recently completed, 6-month study commissioned by The Age and undertaken by Tract Consultants and Deloitte Access Economics into the liveability of Melbourne's 314 suburbs. The term liveability is in itself difficult to define, with research into its parameters marking the start of the study. According to Adam Terrill of Tract Consultants, the definition... Continue Reading →

The Real Thing

The Real Thing (2008) - Feathers detail The Real Thing (2008) - In flight, in use What is it? A 2008 installation by Sydney artist, Jordana Maisie, that combines the traditional tube construction and fractal forms of the kaleidoscope with interactive digital technology. A large, polished tube is erected in a gallery space, with a... Continue Reading →


What is it? New film by Gavin O'Connor starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton as mixed martial artists, Tommy and Brendan Conlon. The two are entrants into a world MMA championship, Sparta, for which the winner-takes-all purse is $5m. More importantly, the two are also brothers, estranged from one another and from their father, Paddy, played... Continue Reading →

Hiding in the City

Hiding in the City - The Temple of Heaven, 2010 Hiding in New York - Magazine Rack, 2011 What is it? A series of installation artworks by Chinese artist, Liu Bolin. Dubbed The Invisible Man, Bolin photographs himself in front and part of urban environments, his clothing and body painted with exacting patience to mimic... Continue Reading →

A carbon price

The 8th of November, 2011: an historic day for Australia, the day the federal Senate approved a price on pollution, 36 votes to 32. The Labour party's clean-energy package will be rolled out from July next year, with a carbon tax for the country's 500 biggest polluters initially set at the (world's highest) fixed price... Continue Reading →

Herman Miller vs. Matt Blatt

Who are they? Herman Miller is a high-end furniture company that owns the production licenses for timeless pieces including the Eames Lounge Chair (above), the Eiffel Chair and the Aeron Chair. Matt Blatt is a furniture company that specialises in replica designer furniture (it lists 437 individual replica items on its website) that are generally manufactured in... Continue Reading →

The Black Rider

The dark forest - Thao Nguyen as Wilhelm at centre What is it? A collaborative dance performance produced by the Travel Art Dance Company that showed for three nights last week at the Northcote Town Hall. Set to the music of Tom Wait's album, The Black Rider, the performance evokes a fairytale landscape of a... Continue Reading →

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