Our Houses talk

Arm End House, Stuart Tanner Architects What was it? A talk on Wednesday night presented by Architecture Media as part of the Melbourne Architecture Annual festival running all this week. The theme of the talk was architecture and celebrity, featuring two projects - Arm End House by Stuart Tanner Architects for Brian Ritchie, bass guitarist... Continue Reading →

Happy 1st birthday

Today, Panfilocastaldi turns 1. We have survived a full year of blogging. We continue to adhere to our manifesto of thrusting ourselves out into the worlds of architecture, art and photography, and we continue to critically discuss our experiences. We remain dedicated to the value of engaging with creative communities. Thanks in part to this... Continue Reading →

VCA art workshops exhibition

What is it? A recent exhibition of graduates' work from three casual workshops held by the Victorian College of the Arts. The three workshops run across a full year, covering drawing, painting and sculpture disciplines. The casual workshops have no entry prerequisites, trying to appeal to the widest possible audience. This is a commendable philosophy... Continue Reading →

Safe enough or too safe?

What is it? An article published in the New York Times a few months ago, viewable here, asked the question: can a playground be too safe? Is it really necessary to prevent potential injuries on and around play equipment with rubber matting, lower monkey bars and slower slides? Or is the importance of learning our... Continue Reading →

A beautiful garage

What is it? Parking garage by Swiss architect, Peter Kunz. The concrete structure is partially buried into the side of a hill, with the individual spaces projecting out like warmly-lit jewel boxes exhibiting their precious contents. Kunz states that "each spot is like a private cubby with a large glass panel, so you can park and... Continue Reading →

IFF 2011

What is it? The 12th Italian Film Festival that screened in Palace Cinemas across Australia over the past 2 weeks. We saw four films - Habemus Papam (We Have A Pope) by Nanni Moretti, Manuale D'Amore 3 (The Ages Of Love) by Giovanni Veronesi, Sei Venezia (Six Venice) by Carlo Mazzacurati and Benvenuti Al Sud... Continue Reading →

Mystery meat navigation

What is it? Mystery meat navigation (MMN) is a term coined in 1998 by author and web designer, Vincent Flanders, to "describe a visually attractive but concurrently inefficient or confusing user interface. Such interfaces lack a user-centred design, emphasising aesthetic appearance, white space and the concealment of relevant information over basic functionality. The epithet 'mystery... Continue Reading →

Robin Boyd open day

Farfor House (original design), 1968 What is it? An event run by the Robin Boyd Foundation last Sunday that permitted public entry into four of Boyd's residential projects from the 1960s. All four of the houses are located on the Mornington Peninsula: Farfor House (Portsea, 1968), Shelmerdine House (Cape Schanck, 1966), McClune House (Frankston South,... Continue Reading →

Mihaly Slocombe: Safehouse for the zombie apocalypse

SafetyNet City, 2011 Our entry for the second annual Zombie Safehouse Competition considers the necessities of life for a small community beyond the initial zombie outbreak. Where would we live? How would we protect ourselves? With what would we feed and hydrate ourselves? Most importantly: how would we survive? Explained via a short graphic novel, SafetyNet... Continue Reading →

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