Say Yes Australia

What is it? A new ad campaign, viewable here, that accompanies the endorsement of the Labour Government's proposed carbon tax by a group of 140 prominent Australians. Despite the Opposition's vehement denouncement of the tax, former Liberals leader John Hewson is one of the 140. However, it is Cate Blanchett, Australian actress and active supporter... Continue Reading →

E10 petrol

What is it? An automotive petrol mix that includes 10% ethanol and offers the benefits of reduced fossil fuel consumption, lower greenhouse gas emissions, an improved octane rating, cleaner engine operation and better mileage. It also usually carries the bonus of a slightly cheaper pricetag over standard petrol, in the realm of 2 - 4c... Continue Reading →

Art Melbourne – Melbourne’s affordable art fair

(Natural Order by Janine Mackintosh) What is it? An annual fair held at the Royal Exhibition Buildings populated mostly by small art galleries and self-represented artists, both armed with affordable art pieces for sale (from our informal survey, prices generally range from AU$500 up to AU$7500, though a few small-scale pieces and prints go for... Continue Reading →


What is it? Recently released film by director, Neil Burger, based on Alan Glynn's novel, The Dark Fields. Bradley Cooper plays the lead character, Eddie Morra, a lank-haired loser with perpetual writer's block and zero positive outlook in his life. Returning to his grotto of an apartment after being dumped by his girlfriend (a small... Continue Reading →

Too young to reason and too grown up to dream

(View House, Rosario, Argentina) What is it? The title of a lecture given yesterday evening at the Faculty of Art and Design at Monash University by Mark Lee of American architecture practice, Johnston Marklee. Lee presented a number of the practice's projects to the predominantly student audience, both complete and current, spanning countries as amazingly diverse... Continue Reading →

The Archibald Prize 2011

What is it? An annual competition for portraiture running since 1921 in honour of Victorian journalist and art lover, Jules François Archibald, who bequeathed in his will one tenth of his estate to the Art Gallery NSW to set up and run the competition. Submitted portraits must be of "some man or woman distinguished in art,... Continue Reading →

The rise of Google

What do we mean? Google announced this week the release of its Chrome operating system, paired with two new Chromebooks from Samsung and Acer. A "completely new model of computing", Chrome OS is a cleverly extrapolated version of the existing Google Docs idea, with users accessing all basic computing applications online, together with their stored... Continue Reading →

When green was just a colour

What is it? Susan Warren Utley, on her Creative Procrastination blog, wrote this interesting and insightful post on the transformation of environmental sustainability in the daily lives of average people. Once upon a time, green was not a socio-political movement, it was just a colour. Living sustainably was not a much-publicised marketing campaign, it was... Continue Reading →

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