Entering architectural competitions

What is it? Charles Holland in his blog, Fantastic Journal, recently submitted this entry imploring architects to stop entering competitions. He points out that architectural competitions are wasteful of time and resources; give away for free the architect's most valuable possession, his or her ideas; are stressful to enter; and are very unlikely to ever... Continue Reading →

Stop motion coolness

Love this. Inspired by Taijin Takeuchi (who created 'A Wolf Loves Pork'), Olympus put together this engaging viral campaign for the 50th anniversary of their Pen camera. 60,000 photos shot, 9,600 prints developed and over 1,800 shots redone. No post production. Cool.

The Toaster Project

What is it? A 2009 final year art / design / science project by Thomas Thwaites, an alumnus of the Royal College of Art, Design Interactions department, London. His aim was to construct a toaster from scratch, starting by mining the raw materials and finishing with a product that resembled an off-the-shelf toaster available from... Continue Reading →

The art of Piranesi

Entering this exhibition is like walking into one of Piranesi's works. Dark, moody, extravagant - I am not really sure where to look first or what I will discover. Walls upon walls of his etchings hang in soft pools of light. They draw me in close, into Piranesi's world of antiquities and what a place... Continue Reading →

Calatrava Bridge

What and where is it? A bridge by Santiago Calatrava that crosses the Grand Canal near Santa Lucia Station in Venice, completed in 2008. What do we think? It is a beautiful bridge, in both macro form and micro detail. It is connected to the history of Venetian bridge-building through its stone paving, yet is still recognisably... Continue Reading →

Mies van der Rohe Award 2009

Where is it? La Triennale di Milano, Design Museum. Viale Alemagna 6, 20121 Milano. What is it? An exhibition of around 30 buildings shortlisted for the 2009 Mies van der Rohe Award, including 5 finalists and 1 winner. Each project comprises an A1 board with text, plans and photos, and a physical model. What do we... Continue Reading →

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